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18V LithiumIon Brushless Cordless 12 DriverDrill Tool Only

18V LithiumIon Brushless Cordless 12 DriverDrill Tool Only

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This Metabo HPT 18V Brushless Li-Ion Driver Drill (6DS18DBFL2Q4) features Metabo HPT’s brushless motor technology that delivers more power to the motor by minimizing unnecessary energy loss through friction and heat. Managed by a micro-processor chip that efficiently delivers current flow to the motor, brushless tools experience longer run time between charges, increased power, and extended durability with essentially no maintenance. An all metal keyless, ratcheting chuck incorporates carbide insets to ensure fast and easy bit replacement as well as ensuring there is no bit slippage while in use. Metabo HPT has also incorporated Reactive Force Control (RFC), which senses tool overload and stops the tool from rotating further in instances where there may be a bit snag or an overload application. In addition, this brushless driver drill also comes with a bright LED, ergonomic grip, center balance design, belt hook and an on-tool battery indicator.

Battery and Charger Sold Separately.

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