FlexBoard | in-home chiropractor
FlexBoard | in-home chiropractor

FlexBoard | in-home chiropractor

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Neck and back pain can be a nightmare. The FlexBoard is your own in-home chiropractor that naturally eliminates chronic pain.

The unique design of the FlexBoard provides neck, spine and lower back alignment by balancing your body’s postural imbalances from slouching at a desk or long commute.

This helps to lengthen muscles and relieve stress, tension and anxiety reducing pain even with the lightest touch.

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Clair W.
Like it!

Every morning and evening I lie on it for 3-5 minutes, stretch my back very well, relieve back pain effectively, the middle silicone strip is a good element, it is good to stimulate my back pain
It is also like a massager, relieves my stress, and every time I lie down on it, I feel it also improves my waist-hip curve😃
Definitely recommend!!!

Owen Brown
Thank you!

I have a lot of lower back pain from previous jobs where I had to do heavy lifting. Not to mention I had a slip and fall accident twice while working in a truck delivery. This product is a game changer. I even have a hard time getting out of bed and have severe pain in my lower back. But with this I get almost immediate relief. I feel like my back will arch over time like it should with this product. I can feel the stretch and the pain seems to go away. After a few minutes on it, I feel like my old self. I didn't even have to take pain medication for this, just the product, a few minutes on the floor and I feel like it's gone. I will be making this a new daily routine to keep pain away. The little bumps feel good too, they don't really dig into my back or anything, they just provide extra relief in my opinion. They are not extremely hard and provide a foam cushion that helps if they dig into your back too much. I would definitely recommend this product if you have back pain.

Jamie O.
5* Love it

So I was a little skeptical at first, but I have to say the back stretcher has absolutely won me over after only 4 days!
Since I work 90% sitting at a desk, I have headaches almost every day. Since my posture is probably not good. At least that's what the doctor says. The pain actually always comes from the cervical spine. The doctor said I should stretch more. Since I don't have the time to go to back school all the time, I decided to buy this back stretcher. And it convinced me after only four days. Already on the first day when I lay down on it... It seems that several vertebrae have been adjusted. It cracked slightly several times and I notice an improvement immediately. I now lay on it daily for 5-10 minutes. Immediately when I get home from work. And I have had no more headaches so far. I am super happy and completely satisfied with the purchase. In any case, I can only recommend.

Madison Johnson
Thank you!

I used to be quite overweight. I was able to solve the problem, but due to the overweight, far too many hours in front of the PC and partly cruel sitting postures at that time, my back was somewhat affected.
To my surprise, this is a German quality product with understandable instructions and in very good fabric quality.
It works. This is the first time I have tried such a posture corrector and was positively surprised by the result. I've worn the holder occasionally for several weeks now and feel like my posture has already improved. Anyway, as long as you wear it it has a noticeable and visible positive effect on your posture.
no unpleasant chemical smell, very pleasant soft feel, nice packaging.

Rachel Smith
Love it!

I wish I would have gotten it much sooner !!! The price is great and it is easy to use. Also very easy to carry around. You have to try it and you won't regret it!
I have had lower back pain on and off for years so I thought I would give it a try. It's adjustable from almost flat to a high arch, so I can find just the right amount of stretch. It has a solid and simple design that I think will last for years. Very satisfied so far.
After I received it, I immediately tried it twice a day. So comfortable after stretching. recommended it.👍

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Based on 1497 ratings

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