Lumbar Support "Move"
Lumbar Support "Move"
Lumbar Support "Move"

Lumbar Support "Move"

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Lower back pain? We have the solution!

With our lumbar support, back pain such as herniated disc, lumbar spine syndrome, sciatica, ISG blockage or lumbago are finally a thing of the past.

Finally sit, walk or work in the garden without pain!

Get rid of back pain quickly!
Working at an office desk for a long time or doing heavy, physical work causes pain in the lower back. Injections and medications are only a temporary solution - but they do not help in the long run. You have to grab the pain at its source and eliminate it. Our lumbar support relieves the back and corrects the posture, so that the back pain is eliminated permanently.


Never again back pain!

Lumbar: Our lumbar support strengthens the lower back (lumbar spine) and improves posture. This trains the back to adopt the correct posture.

Herniated disc: poor posture or physical work can lead to a herniated disc. The lumbar support takes the pressure off the intervertebral discs and supports the back muscles.

Sciatica: A wrong movement or physical work can very quickly pinch the sciatic nerve. Our lumbar support strengthens the lower back and thus relieves the sciatic nerve.

ISG blockage: A stiff spine often leads to a blockage of the sacroiliac joint (ISG). The lumbar support strengthens the sacroiliac joint and relieves the spine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Very good back brace!

Holds very well and actually stabilizes the back quite well.
Highly recommended from my point of view.

Dylan King
Actually I very rarely write a review, but I am intrigued

Actually, I very rarely write a review. But I am so intrigued that I decided to write one. The order arrived after about 5 days.
The bandage fits very well, strengthens the back and relieves pain. The quality is very good, does not press and pinch. Recommended without reservation.


This bandage provides excellent support for the back as well as the abdomen. Highly recommended when carrying heavy loads as well as in nursing. The bandage is also very suitable as a warming kidney belt when riding a motorcycle. I am thrilled, especially because this bandage can be adjusted multiple times to fit the body.

Better posture and no pain.

Super back brace . Through this bandage you have an upright posture and as good as no more pain in the back. We have given away this back brace (birthday) and the birthday boy has been wearing his brace every day. It was the best birthday gift he has received. We can recommend it with a clear conscience. 👍


Lies well in the back and can be adjusted very very well by the two straps.
The plates provide a really good grip.

23,000 customers are impressed


Based on 1497 reviews

Based on 1497 ratings

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